Welcome to The Little Makers

Being a pioneer championing and implementing STEM (2012) and STEAM (2016) education in Malaysia, The Little Makers is pride to be the home of STEM and STEAM discovery learning that inspires creativity and innovation, a space where children can discover themselves, find their path, explore & adventure, change and make evolution for their better future.

“In our 10 years’ experience as a driver in STEM and STEAM Education, we see how STEM and STEAM discovery learning has prepared our kids to be life ready, built with life skills to succeed in present and for the future. “

~ The Little Makers


STEM with the addition of ‘Arts’ to create STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics, it is not just an acronym but an education method that integrates all these subjects.

STEM education offers students one of the best opportunities to make sense of the world holistically, rather than in bits and pieces. In our experiences as a driver in STEM & STEAM education, we see STEM & STEAM learning are able to address every opportunity with a solution, or a new design. From small things like figuring out a new toy to bigger issues like an architect, using engineering, math, technology, science and art to create stunning buildings and structures.

How STEM and STEAM benefit children’s development?

Well, there is a simple answer to that — STEM and STEAM lays a solid ground that children would need for any future career and to succeed in life.

• Creativity & ingenuity
• Problem solving
• Life Skills
• Resourcefulness
• Patience
• Curiosity
• Accept failure as a means of success

Ignited from the Past, Create the Present, Path the Future.

Awards, Accreditations & Endorsements

Our knowledge and experience in STEM education coupled with the success stories that followed have invited many opportunities and honours upon us.