Igniting Life Readiness Education

About Us

At our STEAM Discovery Space, we want to prepare and support our children based on the needs and interests through many real-life concepts, projects and experiments, making discovery and learning become meaningful, engaging and related to the world around them, subsequently mastery in LIFE READINESS.


Igniting Life Readiness Education.


Building Discovery Learning Space to Unleash Children’s Potential.


Give Children the Skills and Insights of The Future to be LIFE READY.

Our Story

The Little Makers was the creation of a mother Camila, who eagerly sought out alternative education for her dyslexic son. Through her research, STEM education that is hands-on in nature, emphasizes on bridging the learning gap by putting the children at the core of experience, making them active learners quickly drew her attention.

Children who engage in STEM programmes learn to think differently. They learn to approach problems in new ways. They learn that failure is not just okay, but it is essential for making progress, and they learn that the “real world” isn’t separated into different subject areas.

She further brightened by her study that STEM education completely caters to the gift of Dyslexia, harnessing their natural three-dimensional thinking ability to creative problem-solving and be confident and belief in themselves. This is important to unleash children’s potential.

We introduce children to STEM and later STEAM concepts in a fun and interactive way, connecting them to real life scenarios with minds-in, hands-on activities, observational and experiential learning to accelerate their comprehension and application.