“Everyone needs STEM, and to understand why, glance around and see the things that surround you have a connection to STEM.”

~ The Little Makers
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It is okay to fail, and still persevere.

One of the many lessons children learn in The Little Makers is the importance of having a growth mindset.  Sometimes, they will not be successful the first time they try something. It is crucial for our children to know that it is okay to fail, and still persevere. Sometimes, it is not an easy lesson to learn, but the mistakes that we make help us become better learners.

Expressing in words is a freedom of learning.

We let children write if they want to. Expressing in words is a freedom of learning.

Once we make our own notes, we learn from making the information. A lot of thinking is being exercised, and we will, develop our own memory system for the knowledge.

Science can feel like magic, and that’s the moment of discovery for which we strive to achieve for each child.

Children have a huge fascination for science. Because we let them, to work in their very own ‘laboratory’.

We let them be the technician in their own laboratory, making their very own experiment, seeing the chemical phenomena in their hands and eyes.

Children light up around STEM and STEAM because it is incredibly fun, hands-on and sometimes messy!

We strive to make every class, for every child, challenging, enlightening, captivating and hopefully… irresistible.